My first console was an Atari 2600, and when was a child I started to wonder how the console “made that noise”. With the arrival of the Amiga 500 I discovered my interest in music composition with Protracker. I began to play guitar too, but soon I changed to the keyboard. So I bought a Korg Triton in 2001 and started playing in bands. In a few years I decided to move to Madrid.

There I played in a lot of concerts, in almost every concert hall in the capital. I learned, I trained, I spoke with musicians, technicians, I stepped on some studios…

So here I am. This is my portfolio, take a look…

foto koru


  • Videogame Music and FX in the “37 LUDUM DARE Las Palmas” event, organized by the Economic Promotion of Gran Canaria Society, 2016, Las Palmas.
    Videogame Music and FX in the “36 LUDUM DARE Las Palmas” event, organized by the Economic Promotion of Gran Canaria Society, 2016, Las Palmas.

  • Main theme in the animation short film “How to Make a Real Weapon” (directed by Pablo Morales de los Ríos); selected for the ANIMAMUNDI International Animation Festival in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, 2015; selected for the FICXixón 53, selected for the Festival Internacional Film Festival of Gijón, 2015; selected for the Film and Human Rights Festival in Barcelona, 2015; selected for the Bogotá Short Film Festival, 2015; selected for the NONSTOP Animation Festival, 2015, Barcelona; selected for the 3D WIRE, Animation, Videogames and New Media International Market, 2015, Segovia; selected for the International Short-Film “4 Minutes In Short” Fest, Las Palmas.
  • Main theme of the web series “Bloody Justice” (directed by Pablo Morales de los Ríos); awarded with 5 prizes at the LA Web Series Festival 2014, EE.UU; finalist at Baja Web Fest 2014, Mexico; finalist at Miami Web Fest 2014, EE.UU; finalist at Latino Web Fest 2014, EE.UU).
  • Keyboardist in “Carpophonica” (recomended band by KISS FM, 2013, Madrid).
  • Guest Keyboardist in the LP “Ciudad del Caos” from “Leyenda”, song “Junto a Ti” along the singer Patricia Tapia (“Mägo de Oz”, “KHY”), 2012, Madrid.
  • Keyboardist in the Bon Jovi tribute band “New Jersey”, 2012, Madrid.
  • Guest artist in the Winter Concert of Modern Music School “Ritmo y Compás”, Madrid, 2011.
  • Composer of the LP “Black Rock – Todo al Negro”, 2010, Madrid.
  • Keyboardist in the band “Carromato” (Eurovisión 2008: among 100 firsts by votations in Spain).
  • Keyboardist in the band “Black Rock” band (first prize in the Band Contest “Rockzinante Fest”, 2007, Madrid).
  • Keyboardist in the band “Archantia”, 2005, Las Palmas.
  • Keyboardist in the band “Perihellion” (first prize in the Band Contest “Canarias Metalzone”, 2005, Las Palmas.
  • Guest Keyboardist in the LP “Portraits of Nothing” from “The Zeronaut”, 2003, Las Palmas.
  • Music in the short film “Nuestra Deuda” (directed by Abián Peñate, produced by the Cabildo Insular of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 2003, Las Palmas).
  • Music in the short “Cuando Te Miras en el Espejo” (directed by Abián Peñate, 2002, Las Palmas).
  • Keyboardist in the band “Tears of Martyr” (first prize in the Paraninfo’s Band Contest, 2006, Las Palmas; finalist in the Emergenza Fest, 2008, Madrid).

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