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The Annie Hall Remix Contest, here we go.

I usually participate in contests of various kinds from time to time: I like the remixes ones especially because they provide me with starting material to mix. And besides, I have a lot fun in creating with limits in terms of tones or tempos. After all, the same thing happens in a band.

So here I go again, making use of my quick composition tricks. As a novelty, I’m trying the new Arturia’s Analog Lab 3, in addition to the sf2 Salamander library (which you can find looking in the internet, it’s free) for the piano (and it sounds great!).

For this remix (made between UbuntuStudio and Windows) I have chosen the following stems from the original: hihat, percu, synth, synth3 and synth4. With synths one and I created a long atmospheric pad mixed with a fairly clean Analog Lab 3 preset; I also print a string character by adding a violin layer with the ancient Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra. Over all this layer in A minor (and aftfer using the scissors on the original stems to discard certain notes out of tune) I built the whole remix. The synth4 constitutes the leitmotif of the stheme.

For the base I chose the always versatile TAL-Noisemaker, while the percussion stems support an EZDrummer sequenced battery. Finally, I used the sf2 Salamander library for the piano, hosted in the Calf audio suite. The DAW’s I used were Cockos Reaper (Windows) and Ardour 5 (Ubuntu). Mix with lots of reverb and master with a lot of “shinningness”, serve cold.

Download for free “Shoot Me Up”.

This is my new song, composed after a funny day experimenting with the fabulous FM8 arpegiators. I always liked the music from the old 16 bits shoot’em up’s (Those Axelay and Hiperduel…). My heavy metal drums, a long string pad and, you know, my eternal mallets make the theme pretty cooler.
portada EP Apogee

Listen the song in Soundcloud

Listen now “Casino Tales”, my new loop pack, soon for sale at Unity’s Assets Store.

portada EP Apogee

Hammond y piano, the 70’s essence. With “Casino Tales” I recovered the sound that defined my career in Madrid, adding to the party a brass set. In this new brand loop pack you’ll find the perfect companion for your humorous and funny videogames.

Listen the songs in Soundcloud

“Periapsis”, on sale in the Unity Asset Store

This is my new pack of three long .ogg loops built using full drums, piano, strings, guitars, bells and ethnic percussion. They are fully mixered and mastered, and they were corrected at 0db in the both extremes of the soundwave. The loops were authored thinking in forest, jungle and snow enviroments and they are suitable for platformers and action games. You can buy it here.
portada EP Apogee

Listen the songs in Soundcloud

“The Amethyst Loops”, on sale in the Unity Asset Store

portada EP Apogee
“The Amethyst Loops” features sixteen loops with full acoustic and digital drums, strings, bells and bass. All corrected at 0db in both extremes of the audio wave. They are ready to import into any DAW or the game engine sound manager. You can buy it here.

Listen the demo songs in Soundcloud

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