A little demo of piano and strings over loops of spanish guitar. I found it in the deeps of my hard drive, while I was looking for a pair of samples. You can use it in your project if you want, but give me the credit and be a nice person.

The Ultrawarrior (guitar demo)

An early demo version of  “The Ultrawarrior”, created with several loops recorded from the talented guitarist and friend Oscar Morante of Mooi Studios.

ADDIKTION – Shake It (Playkoru Remix)

This is my remix for the WipEout Omega Colletion Remix Contest. I always wanted to play around with the Robert Miles concept he showed in “Children”. So I decided to use a belly piano over a base of arpegiators and a long and subtle string like pad.

The Secret World

This is a new pack of three long .ogg loops built using full drums, piano, strings, guitars, bells and ethnic percussion. They are fully mixered and mastered, and they were corrected at 0db in the both extremes of the soundwave. The loops were authored thinking in forest, jungle and snow enviroments and they are suitable for platformers and action games. You can buy it here.

The Moment

“The Moment” was one of my pop-rock styled song recorded in Madrid, in which I also count with the invaluable presence of the great programmer and guitarist Oscar Morante from Mooi Studios. And now, after a convenient facelift, it comes to light from the depths of my hard drive. Strings, piano, and the talent of Oscar are finished by the two spectacular keyboard and guitar solos, forming a theme I really enjoyed during its composition.


This EP that contains 3 long loops for themed ci-fi videogames (corrected to 0db both at the beginning and at the end). On this occasion I have used several FM synthesizers, senoids, bells, strings, and my good work creating drums to design these three great songs, which will fit seamlessly in your shoot’em up, futuristic racing game or platformer with dystopic flavor. You can buy it here.

Playkoru – Pixel Perfect

I composed the first four exclusive cuts for this web in the barely 17 hours that lasted the “36 Ludum Dare Gran Canaria” event organized by the SPEGC (Economic Promotion Society of Las Palmas). The two videogames to which I had to compose music were retro-themed, so I was more than happy in using psg synthesizers like used in the NES (specifically the versatile Tweakbench‘s Triforce and Peach), accompanied from time to time by mallets and tubular bells. Basses are courtesy of TAL-NoiseMaker, plus my secret string mix recipe and a pair of simple metal drum loops.

Carpohonica – Contradicción

A recording that has never come to light until now, this is an song from the ”Teatro de Cristal” album re-recorded by myself, and with which I won my place in the band “Carpophonica.” A monophonic synth, a Hammond and a piano were enough to highlight a very polished song, becoming with time in one of my favorite songs to play live.


by Carpophonica | Teatro de Cristal

Leyenda – Junto a Tí

A gorgeous song that I composed for “Leyenda” band, with the starring voices of Patricia Tapia (“Mägo de Oz”, “KHY”) and Antonio S. Montemayor. Composed as a personal favor to his drummer Jörgen Bjürenlind, it was an old idea for my band “Perihellion” re-recorded again with new strings, metals and piano.

Black Rock – Todo al Negro

I’m very proud of this LP. A funny and experimental field wisely mixed by Jiroshi Suárez and Jorge Tejerina (SubVox), in which I played with many styles and sounds from the 70’s fused with more modern resources (leads, FM pads, mallets, pianos). Manu Moure (bass), Juanpe Nogales (drums), Eduardo Suárez (guitar), and the prodigious voice of Barbara Black completed a formation that make some noise in Madrid. We also counted with distinguished guests from the Madrid scene: Jiroshi Suárez (“Sonus Delay”), Jesús Alonso and José Luis Trébol (“Dawn of Tears”) and Julio Dávila (“Mr. Rock”).

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