Little Pink Balls

captura Little_Pink_Balls
When I was younger I was very fan of videogames like “Bubble Bobble”, its sequel “Rainbow Islands” and “Rodland”; so my first technical demo is a little tribute to those times. It consists in a simple scene to play with the WAD keys or the cursors (W key or UP to jump). It implements colliders, some tweening, states, and little more (give a break, I’m musician, not programmer). This demo servers also to show “I swear I’ll willsurvive, one of song from “Pixel Perfect”, and it was programmed by myself with the Phaser framework. Graphics are courtesy of my girldfriend and GIMP. And at last Fx’s were generated by Bfxr. You can play to the demo in your browser here.

Retro Revenge

This is a prototype developed on Construct2 during the 36th Ludum Dare in Las Palmas, it consists in a platformer in which a Game Boy must shoot to diverse retro technology imagined by animator and graphic designer Abián Peñate (There is and interesting article describing the creation process you can read here). An old coin-op machine will face you if you can reach it (hellish difficulty courtesy of programmers Alberto Martín y Guillermo Canino). You can play online here.

Circle Jump

Circle Jump by Playkoru

The end of the world is approaching and the mankind suddenly has enormous amounts of free time (note for future readers: I’m in the middle of the quarantine for COVID-19 in Spain), so I’ve programmed another of my technical demos, this one specifically from a KidsCanCode tutorial, created in Godot Engine and using GDScript (a Python dialect that comes into play for these purposes). Although originally intended for Android, last minute problems with the exporter (which with my limited knowledge I cannot solve) force me to deploy only the desktop version. In any case, it’s a good sample for the portfolio if you want to hear my stuff (in this case “My Definitive Technique”) in an interactive environment. You can download the program here. You can also play in the browser (only from pc) here.

Steam Punk Survival (prototype)


This shooter prototype was deleoped on Unity for the 36 Ludum Dare in las Palmas. Scenery graphics were modeled with Maya by Natalia Santana, main character was on charge of Pablo Ebed from Papas con Mojo Games, and programmed by Natalio Sacerdote, Airam Martín and Alejandro Castro. The game consist in a shooter against waves of robots armed with a shotgun. Download it mere.

Important: in order to exit the game you must press the windows key and close the game window in the taskbar, the escape key won’t run

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